New Idea is a long-running Australian weekly magazine,published by Pacific Magazines and aimed at women, in which one I illustrate an article each week.
I also illustrate the sport/ health/ food/ map section.

Total Girl is a magazine published by Pacific Magazines. It is aimed at preteen girls residing in Australia, New Zealand, and The Philippines.The slogan of TotalGirl is "No Boys Allowed!"
I illustrate an article for them each month.


I work for different companies as Verbaudet, DPAM, SDO, Berlingot and others: illustrations, embroidery, prints, all-over, etc.



Editions AUZOU- 100% stickers -Spécial filles-
Thèmes: Animaux de mer, Ski, Cheval, Ciné, patinage, piscine-foot, soirée pyjama, rongeur, sport d'hiver, voyage:

Horoscope for Total Girl magazine

Editions PLAYBAC - Carnets de Princesses - Création d'imprimés, coloriage, princesses, stickers, pochoirs, etc.
Princesse des fleurs (coquelicots, roses..) Princesses des neiges, Princesses des papillons, Princesses paillettes...

I created for them a castle sales-stand and it has been a real pleasure to put my illustrations in volume!

Editions PLAYBAC -Les incollables-

Editions FLEURUS- Ma fabrique de masques -
10 masques, chacun son thème: Marie-Antoinette ,Papillons ,Alice, Plumes, Poétique, Folk, Renard, Chat, Fleurs, Carnaval de Rio :

Editions AUZOU- Mon carnet de Mode-
thèmes: sport, mode indienne, africaine, été, japon, anglaise, pluie, soir, rock, princesse, campus, etc.

MAPS - traveling the world


Women’s & Children’s Hospital Adelaide Wall Art -AUSTRALIA-

"March 4, 2014 Maude Guesne has created detailed murals for the Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Maude’s underwater fantasy land is featured in the Paediatric Emergency waiting room.It brings welcome relief to children and parents at a difficult time. Art director for the project Hellen Kiprizloglou from Prana Studios Adelaide said she has already had many comments from parents and staff filter back to her about how much difference they have made while waiting for appointments with children."

Surf-Board -FRANCE-

I designed it for UCPA.
UCPA is a non-profit French organization that makes outdoor sports holidays available for people of ages 7–39. Formed in 1965, it is a union of government bodies, sports federations and youth associations.